Legal Action

Our aim is always to collect your debt quickly and simply and in 95% of all cases we handle, this happens. However, occasionally a debtor just won’t pay. It may be that they genuinely can’t pay, or it may be that they just refuse to do so.

In these circumstances it can be worth considering legal action. “Considering” being the important word here.

We take time to discuss with you the best way forward. Sometimes it’s a matter of principle, we get that. But taking legal action can be costly to you both financially and in terms of your time. We are totally transparent about legal fees, but solicitors and court fees can easily mount up.

Another issue to consider is that even if the court does award in your favour, the debtor will still be given time to pay, depending on their circumstances. You may even have to pay additional fees to enforce the judgment! If the ruling doesn’t go in your favour you’ve lost all your fees and all that time when you could have been working on your business and for other clients who do pay.

It may be legal action is absolutely the correct way to move forward but its best to have considered all options. And whatever you decide, we will be by your side, as always, each step of the way.

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