Free Commercial Debt Recovery

We understand that if you have an outstanding invoice owing, it can seriously affect your cash flow and have a massive impact on your business. Some of our clients have been unable to pay their workforce, the rent on their premises, their suppliers, and even themselves! One large debt can destroy a business.

Many of our clients come to us as a last-ditch attempt to recover their money, not knowing where else to turn. We get it! We can and will help.

How it works

We are unique in our industry because we don’t charge our clients 15-25% of the recovered money as a fee, as most debt collectors do. We add a late payment fee* to your invoice value and so your debtor pays us, and you receive 100% of the monies owing to you.

In the small number of circumstances where we are not able to enforce the late payment fee, we will charge you just 5% of the invoice value on a no win, no fee basis. (Minimum charge of £25+VAT)

We are always transparent and upfront with all matters, so you will always know what is happening and what monies you will receive back through a successful collection.

We work in this way because we have total confidence in our experience and abilities as a company. We are industry experts and have an incredible 95% successful debt recovery rate.

Next step

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* The late payment fee applied is in accordance with Late Payment Legislation.

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