Debtor Tracing

Sometimes it can feel like someone who owes you money has dropped off the face of the earth. Mail may be being returned; they may have moved; phone numbers are discontinued. You are at a loss what to try next to find them.

We have a step by step approach to tracing a debtor.

We first use our many years of experience to check a number of factors which could tell us where they are. These early checks are cost free.

If we don’t find the information we need at this stage, we then use a third party to look at the electoral role and debtor’s financial records to see if they have made any loan or credit card applications, etc. You only pay for this service if information is found. The fee for this is £65 + VAT.

We can also undertake traces and searches in the following areas.

  • CCJ Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Employment Trace
  • Land Registry Search
  • Director Search

The results of these will give us an overall view of the debtor’s financial health, legal status, and ownership and so help us to advise you whether it is worth taking legal or enforcement action to recover your debt.

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